Pot Yer Tits Away Luv started in February 2017 and has grown much quicker than we could have ever imagined. We specialise in tit pots but our talents don't stop there. Our pots are as unique as the real deal - no two pots are ever the same and we believe that is what makes us special. We pride ourselves on being creative and love to include humour in our work. If you have any queries feel free to give us a message - you can contact us here


Pots are limited to one pot per order, any multiple purchases will be refunded. This is to make sure it's fair for everyone to have the opportunity to buy a pot. I'm a very small company and I can only take on 30 custom orders every few weeks. 

Made from air drying clay, painted with acrylic paint and finished with water based varnish. 

Please make sure to read the full description of items before placing your order. 

Small pot - 6.5cm tall, 6.5cm diameter and 20cm circumference
Medium pot - 7.5cm tall, 7cm diameter and 24cm circumference
Large pot - 8.5cm tall, 8cm diameter and 27cm circumference, please note that all pots are handcrafted and measurements may vary slightly from pot to pot.

Pre made pots are available, please note that when buying these products - what you see is what you get!